Another Drive By

Written Tuesday, May 15th

Tonight, around 7:30 pm, we went back to Sunday’s neighborhood with the Charming House. Although a thunderstorm was about to come up, we saw a lot of people out and about, hanging out on their stoops, working in their gardens, taking a huge stack of laundry out of the car. In this neighborhood, it was a reasonable number of cars per house, too.

We parked the car in front of the charming house and peeked in the windows. We walked around the backyard, where I found something that looked like an outdoor fireplace. I stood in the middle of the backyard and looked up. While there were old trees in the corners of the lot, the center of the lot had no leaf cover.

“I could garden here,” I said.

We stopped one couple and asked them about the neighborhood. They said it was quiet, with a lot of long-time residents, but a good mixture of younger couples with kids, couples without, and older couples who had raised their kids in the neighborhood. They talked about the local pool and parks.

We walked and drove around the neighborhood for a while. Although the neighborhood is a post-war Cape Cod development, the houses have been built up, landscaped, and painted so it’s not nearly as cookie-cutter as the neighborhoods we were in yesterday. (Where every rambler looked…the same.)

It’s well-kept, but also feels lived in and…not vibrant. Vibrant isn’t the right word. But it was comfortable? Friendly?

We finally left and Good Man said, “I really like this neighborhood.”

“I know, I do, too.”