You’re Not Supposed to Fall in Love with a House

Friday, May 18th

Yesterday I emailed our Realtor that we are very interested in the Charming House. He emailed the listing agent, who said it was completely available.

After bowling tonight, Good Man and I went to the Charming House to check out the neighborhood at night.

It was 10:30. We sat in front of the house with the windows down.

A buzz and hum of insects. A few cars driving by.


“We’re going to buy this house,” Good Man said.

“We haven’t even seen the inside.”

“Who cares? We will buy this house.”


Don’t fall in love with a house!” a coworker admonished.

“I know. We haven’t even seen the inside. But we’ve been to that house three times this week. I want that house.”

“You haven’t even seen the inside.”

“I know. I want that house.”

I have been looking at homes online for over six months. We’ve been doing quick drive-bys. I know that good-looking houses come, and then they sell, and then another one comes to market. I know there will always be another house.

But tonight I want to believe Good Man.