Invisible Poison in the Air

Me: I’m nervous about buying a house, because you never know what will happen with the neighborhood. What if it becomes totally crime-ridden or something?

Good Man: Oh. My. God. I am nervous to live, because you never know when you are going to die. I am nervous to breathe because you never know if there is invisible poison in the air. Oh. My. God. You are ridiculous!


Tuesday, May 22nd

Realtor emailed the listing agent of Charming House to ask about the reasons the home fell through. In one case, a new home came on the market that the buyers wanted, so they used the inspection clause to get out of the home. In another case, the buyer had concerns about the bowing wall. The seller had a structural engineer come in and the agent sent us the report. Realtor had actually used this structural engineer for his own home.

The structure could use carbon fiber strips for support, but it isn’t going to collapse.

So we wrote up an offer yesterday. Our Realtor uses a cool online signature system.

This morning, our Realtor emailed theirs and asked them to get a move on it.

A few hours later, the listing agent said that the seller didn’t want to haggle, and she presented the counteroffer, which included installing the carbon strips and a radon mitigation system (guess we don’t need to pay for a radon test).

We accepted, and then waited for her to fax over the paper. (Apparently she does not use the cool online system.)

And we waited.

And we waited.

We were supposed to get the paperwork this afternoon. At 4 pm, when we still hadn’t received it, I started to worry.

At 5:15 pm, when Realtor emailed me and said he was calling the agent every ten minutes because he was afraid she was shopping our contract.

At 5:32, I called my mom and cried.

At 5:46, Realtor said he was scanning the document for us. Good Man still wasn’t home.

At 5:50, Good Man walked in the door.

At 5:58, we received the email that the documents had been completed.

At 6:02, Realtor said that the fax had gone through.

A few minutes later, I stood up. Without thinking, I jumped and whooped. “We just bought a house!”

Good Man nodded matter-of-factly. “I know. I told you we would buy that house.”