Someone Has to Pre-Worry…

June 6th

Today the settlement company emailed me and told me since we’re buying 2.5 acres, we need to pay more for the survey, and could I please sign the attached form and send it back ASAP?

Our lot isn’t even a fifth of an acre.

We will be living on Typical Americana Name Street. A few miles away, there is the same lot number on Typical Americana Name Avenue. And that lot is 2.5 acres.


June 21st

The first email we got from our loan processor asked us for proof of rental payments for when we lived in New Mexico. Good Man’s never been to New Mexico, and I haven’t been there since I was 12 or 14.

The insurance agent claimed the loan processor never called him. She claims she called, left a voicemail, and never got a response.

The pest inspection was done on the 14th (all clear!), but the settlement agent says she hasn’t gotten the report, which Realtor says was sent.

The loan amount on our loan application/good faith estimate didn’t match the loan amount on our contract.

None of these problems have been hard to solve, and Realtor has been a great help.

Still, although Good Man might tease me for “pre-worrying,” someone has to during this home-buying process, because there are so many cooks in the kitchen. And none of those cooks care about getting the house as much as we do.

2 thoughts on “Someone Has to Pre-Worry…

  1. Man, it sounds like there are some incompetent groups of people handling that transaction. It also sounds like it’s a good thing that you’re being hyper-vigilant about the details.

    How nice would it be to have 2.5 acres though, huh? Or 25 acres? That’s what I want someday…

    • I would take either!!

      The interesting thing is that this lot was the smallest we looked at, but since the house is a Cape and not a rambler, the lot feels the largest.

      And yes, there are just too many people involved in this whole transaction. I’m very happy that our Realtor is great! He was recommended by a coworker who’s known him over 20 years, and he knows his stuff.

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