House: Carpet

“I don’t understand why anyone would use carpet. I abhor carpet,” Good Man said.

I do, too. So I started ripping out the carpet in the house. I knew the carpet was covering wood floors, and I was pretty sure the carpet pad was stapled down instead of glued down.

Upstairs Bedroom, Carpet Removed

Upstairs Bedroom II

Upstairs Floors, Stapleless (Mostly)

The stairs were probably the most fun to rip apart since I didn’t have to stop often to cut the carpet into smaller pieces.


What was not fun about the stairs were the staples on the rise. Ugh, those evil staples! I bought an awl and used that to get a corner loose. Then I hammered a punch under the staple, and used that to loosen the staple.

Today, a friend came over to help out. She ripped all of the quarter-trim off of the floors upstairs while I worked on the stairs. She was done while I was still working on the third step.


The 5-in-1 made fairly quick work of the anti-skid junk at the top of the stairs.

Good Man came to the house Wednesday after work. I think he likes it.

Happy Good Man