First Night

First night in the new house.

Splayed out on the office floor and admired the light reflected on my arms—really shiny floors!

Used our outdoor brick BBQ and a cast iron skillet to make brats and baked beans with Dad.

Slept on a plastic-covered futon in the basement with Dad ten feet away. So romantic!


2 thoughts on “First Night

  1. Why did you sleep in the basement? Cooler down there? I guess your basement is pretty dry then; I always had to have the dehumidifier running in mine…

    • We have something in the basement with a summer and winter setting that does something to the humidity, but I don’t know what it is. Our basement is pretty dry. There is also a radon mitigation system in place, which apparently helps with moisture.

      We are sleeping in the basement because none of the rooms are painted, and more importantly, we refinished/recoated all of the floors and they’re still a bit soft.

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