Sand and Dust and Grit

We spent the first week in the house living in our old apartment. Dad and I went over to the house daily. We fixed nail pops, did wall prep, painted the ceilings, and ripped out the carpet upstairs and downstairs.

Once all of the carpet and staples were up, we started getting really dirty…

Four Pad Random Orbital Sander

Using a Random Orbital Sander Around the Edges

Never-Ending Dust and Grit

I swept and swept, but it seemed like the dust would never end! A friend from work came over and just swept while Dad used the four-pad sander and I edge sanded. She said she didn’t feel very useful, but I was getting blisters from sweeping (Mother would be so proud!), and she saved us a lot of time!

The next day, I brought my vacuum over, and that was a much better idea.

Upstairs After Sanding

In the living room, dining room, and hallway, we just scuffed the finish on the floors so we could recoat the floors.

Scuffed Living Room

The upstairs floors had been in really poor shape. We found divots in the floors from previous refinishing, and a lot of deep gouges and scratches.

Dad and I decided to sand down to bare wood, but to leave deep scratches and gouges in the interest of saving wood. It wasn’t worth it to sacrifice a lot of wood to get rid of the scratches.

Now, we would just need to see how it would stain…

Scratch in Upstairs Closet