For the office (main bedroom downstairs), I bought “natural” stain. My dad teased me about it. He said he’d never seen anyone use natural stain before, but when the stain went on, we were both really pleased with the color.

Of course, this was about the moment that I realized I had forgotten to finish edge sanding the office! Whoops.

Office Floor in Natural Stain

We used about 1 1/2 quarts of stain in the office (two coats). We mixed the remaining natural color with three quarts of golden oak (one shade darker) and started applying the stain in the closet upstairs.

Even though the stain was only one shade darker, it came off much, much darker than downstairs. Dad and I briefly considered using a different color stain, but decided to go with it. I suspect the wood upstairs is a different kind than downstairs, and that affected how the stain put out. (Our neighbor, who is in the building business, says it’s likely the main floor is white oak and the upper floor is red oak.)

After doing one coat of stain, we mixed one more quart of golden oak in, and did a second coat.


Stained Closet Upstairs

I really liked the look of the stain when it had finished drying. It brought out pet stains as well as the grain. The grain is so pretty!

Office, Dry

Upstairs, Dry

Larger Upstairs Bedroom, Dry

Finally, the stairs. The stairs were in really good shape, but ended up with a lot of little dings due to my Evil Rise Staple Removal Project. Dad suggested we go for a “distressed” look, so we picked up Old English Scratch Cover and rubbed that onto the stairs. It soaked into the nicks and dings and Good Man and I are really happy with how it turned out! Because the stairs are already rather slippery, we decided not to recoat them. We also left the banister, which is worn perfectly smooth from years of use, unfinished.