Finished, Except Not Quite

Dad applied the finish to the floors. The pictures aren’t fantastic because a) I had to shoot jpg, not RAW, b) I used a flash and c) my computer isn’t set up, so I’m stuck using Microsoft’s basic picture editor.

Living Room (Recoated)

Office (Refinished)

There had been a huge splotch of white paint, as well as a few footprints in white paint, on the dining room floor. I think I did a pretty good job of getting rid of it with Oops!. You can still see a tiny bit if you’re crawling around on the floor, but I’m not sure when anyone will be doing that.

Dining Room (Recoated)

Dining Room Paint?

I am so excited about the upstairs bedrooms. The color is a rich, golden brown. The scratches and dents look great under the color—it looks like an old, well-used floor.

When I walk over the floor in the mornings or evenings, and the sun is streaming through the windows, the light plays off of the grain. It looks like I’m walking over tiger’s eye stones.


Upstairs (Smaller Bedroom)

There are some imperfections. But I am so happy that Dad and I did this ourselves. Plus, the average cost of refinishing is $4/sq ft in our area and I will take imperfections in the interest of saving thousands of dollars!

The final layer of polyurethane went on Monday. Since we needed to let it dry before moving furniture or painting, we stayed in a hotel for two nights and enjoyed not working on the house. Then we went back to wall prep (again…so tired of wall prep). Hopefully, we’ll start painting soon!

4 thoughts on “Finished, Except Not Quite

  1. Wow, your floors look awesome Amanda. Even with the lower resolution (?) / quality pictures; they’re so shiny! So all told, how much material & equipment cost did you have?

    • I plan on figuring the price per sq foot this week! I’ll let you know. And yes, the floors are REALLY shiny. When the light hits them right, they throw reflections on the walls!

  2. wow, the floors came out super. you are invited to my house for this job anytime. i will supply all the drinks you need. :)

    • We’ve actually run into a minor problem with the floor finish wrinkling in some spots, despite us following all of the directions perfectly. But I do have a repair method set up that should work!!

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