Bondo Buddy

So there was some water damage at some point, especially around the windows. We continue to find it. But Dad has a plan, and that plan is known as Bondo.

First, Dad cuts away the damaged area using a razor blade. This is how we found out that the walls were indeed wallpapered (hard to see in the second photo, but it was a striped paper), and then skim coated with plaster (or something similar).

Cut Away Damage

Old Wallpaper

Then Dad mixes up Bondo and spreads it over the area. In the photo below, he’s filling in a huge hole from a TV antenna/jack. (The previous owners had a phone and television in almost every room.)

When the Bondo dries, he sands it a bit, and then uses spackle to finish it off, if necessary.

TV No More!

Office Fix

Living Room Fix