Prep, Prep, Prep

We’re still living in the basement, which is driving me crazy. We have been making progress, making things work, and finding more things out about the house, though.

Which Hobo Dinner is Dad’s?

That’s a Serving Bowl


Good Man figures out how to get the printer working in the basement. And why is that chunk of wood missing?


Some things in this house are really well thought-out. The front door just clears the stairs. The basement door just clears the hallway and dining room.

Front Door

Basement Door

But other things make no sense. Why would you open the upstairs bedroom door into and against the short, curved wall? If the door opened the other way, it would be opening against a flat wall.

There is a huge crack in the plaster here. Dad fixed it, but it will probably come back since that’s what plaster cracks do. However, we’re going to take off this door, so perhaps the fixed crack will have a fighting chance without constantly getting hit by the door!