Ladybug Red

“We need to buy a door.”

Good Man looked at me. “A door?”

I directed our cart to the door aisle. “Yeah, a bedroom door.”

Good Man looked at the doors. “So we can choose wood or… white.”

“Yeah, we can paint it.”

“I want ladybug red!”

“Ladybug red?”

Good Man grinned mischievously. “I think we should make our house a Minecraft, Lego, Super Mario Brothers house. Those colors. What a great idea!”

2 thoughts on “Ladybug Red

    • I know. I used my Wife Veto to say no to that.

      But remember, this is the same guy who says, “Ask for the ridiculous, and then you can get what you actually want.” Ask for ladybug red, and maybe he’ll get his redbud color.

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