Dining Room

The dining room is making progress. Here is a quick before picture:

Dining Room Before

We (and by “we” I mean “Dad”) fixed the patch above the window. He also fixed some loose patches under the windows, in the corner, in the closet, and so on. Nail pops were fixed. The old metal tracks from the closet were removed. The splotch of white paint on the floor in the closet was removed with Oops! (that stuff is magic). Painted over, unmudded drywall tape was removed, retaped, and mudded. The floors were scuffed and refinished.

I might be forgetting some things.

Then, the room was primed with Kilz2.


Natural Light

Dad Starts Working on the Trim

All paint was from Sherwin-Williams. The ceiling was done with Brilliance/Eminence ceiling paint. The walls were done in low-lustre Cashmere interior paint. Below the chair rail is 6228 Refuge, and above is 6226 Languid Blue. The trim was done in semi-gloss ProClassic in 7004 Snowbound.

Natural Light

Lights On

We still have some more work to do in here, but I’m loving these colors!

2 thoughts on “Dining Room

    • Thanks! We actually bought all of our paint colors (almost) before we closed on the house because SW was having a great sale. I was unsure of buying colors without seeing them on the walls, in the light, etc.

      Dad said, “Do you like the colors enough to buy them 30% off?”

      I’m glad we just bought colors that looked good together on the chips, because we’re really happy with how it turned out. Also, had we done the “slap some paint on the wall” method, we would have not used the color in our office. But that post is coming soon!

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