Office Paint Job

While Dad was working on something else, Good Man and I did some final prep work in the office.

Office Before

While Dad fixed the bathroom, I primed the return vent that goes through the office closet.

The office baseboard trim was strange and had some ridges of paint on it. Good Man worked on sanding them down.

Finally, we went around the bedroom and office, touching up all those nail pops with the paint color we were planning on (Sherwin-Williams, low lustre Chasmere in 6051 Sashay Sand).

It looked awful.

It came out of the can Barbie flesh pink. But wet paint and dry paint look different. So we waited until it dried. It was a creepy fake tan-pink orange.

“Maybe it will look better on the whole wall,” Good Man said.

I was doubtful. “Maybe we need a different color.”

I Googled. I couldn’t find any images of it used inside a house. I only found a blog post making fun of the name.

When Dad started painting he told me that after one coat, if I hated it, I shouldn’t be afraid to tell him and we’d pick up something else.

While Dad painted, I was on drip patrol. I tried not to watch the paint dry, since drying paint looks terrible.

By the time Dad got to the office, the first wall was nearly dry, and I was really liking the color!

Old and New

The color is listed as being in the red family on Sherwin-Williams’ site. It’s not mauve. It’s not a dusty pink. It’s not brown. It’s not a dark lilac. But it is all of those colors throughout the day, depending on the light.

Office After

Office in Sashay Sand