Another Room, Another Color

When I was 11, I was able to paint my room any color I wanted (within reason), even though we were renting. I went with lilac purple. My brother went with a blue that is actually very close to our bathroom color.

(A year later, we had to find a new home because the owner was foreclosed on. I have always wondered if he knew he couldn’t pay his bills, and that’s why he didn’t care if we painted the place.)

Since then, I have not been able to change the color of my walls. From 12-18, I lived in a heavily wallpapered bedroom that would have been a mess to fix. In adulthood, I have always rented.

Apparently this sad lack of control over wall color has resulted in an explosion of color in our house. Luckily, we bought a traditional floor plan home, so each room can be its own color without it looking too whacky. That wouldn’t work in an open floor plan house (at least not with my limited decorating knowledge).

After we painted the dining room, bathroom, and office, the living room was up next!

First, Dad primed the walls. I attempted to remove the programmable thermostat, and ended up breaking it somehow. So the aircon went out, it got hot, we got cranky, then we picked up Good Man and went out to dinner.

As soon as we got home, Good Man got to work, using his military skills to fix the thermostat. Aircon started working, and everyone was happy.

Good Man Fixes the Thermostat

The living room and hall walls were done in Sherwin-Williams low-lustre Cashmere, 6049 Gorgeous White. The color is two shades lighter than the Sashay Sand we did the office in. Eventually, the kitchen will be done in the same color.

Much like Sashay Sand, this is a color that looks like a very pale pink or pale brown depending on the time of the day. We are quite pleased! It seems that our “pick colors before we even close on the house because they’re on sale” method of paint picking worked out well.

Gorgeous White

Gorgeous White and Sashay Sand

Color, Color, Color!

2 thoughts on “Another Room, Another Color

  1. Honestly, I didn’t like that Sand color when you first showed it, but from afar, contrasted against the white, it looks nice. It is still oddly flesh-toned, though.

    • It’s a weird color, I agree. But in the actual room, it doesn’t look nearly so fleshy. It really does look more pale purple. Or pale brown? Maybe pale purple brown. Or reddish brown?

      Oh who knows, it suffers from Multiple Color Disorder.

      We have it in the bedroom, too, and it looks completely different depending on which wall it’s on since we have so many nooks and crannies with those dormer windows!

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