Good Man Gets His Way. Sort Of.

Larger Upstairs Bedroom Before

Smaller Upstairs Bedroom Before

Good Man wanted to paint the bedrooms upstairs red (pink). I teased him. He accused me of being like his kindergarten teacher.

I told Good Man I would feel like I was living in a stomach. He eventually decided we could paint the entire upstairs the same color as the office. However, after painting the first floor (except the kitchen), Dad and I knew we’d need more paint than we had.

We mixed the remaining Sashay Sand (about 2 1/2 gallons) with the remaining Gorgeous White from the living room. I knew the Gorgeous White wouldn’t change the Sashay Sand color much, and would instead just stretch the paint.

Dad and I also decided to sneak around behind Good Man’s back to give him what he wanted. Sort of.

We painted the end walls Sherwin-Williams low-lustre Cashmere in 6305 Rambling Rose. We then painted the rest of the walls the Sashay Sand. It turns out I still needed to buy one more gallon of Sashay Sand for the second coat on the main walls!

We managed to keep Good Man out of the upstairs for three days. On the third day, when we were just finishing, he popped upstairs.

He saw the walls, a big grin on his face. “I like it.”

“Your red! Your red!”

“I know. I knew you were going to do it.”

“How? I didn’t tell you.”

Good Man shrugged. “Maybe I overheard you and your dad talking.”

Whaaaat? You usually don’t pay attention!”

“I don’t listen, you get upset. I listen, you get upset. There is no way to win.”

Dad roared.

The really great thing about the accent walls is that the darker color makes the room look more square than it is.

Larger Bedroom

Long Hallway to the Larger Bedroom
(Taken from the Doorway of the Smaller Bedroom)

Smaller Bedroom

Built-In Shelf Detail

Since we didn’t have any living spaces set up (because we were still painting) Good Man was computing in the dining room. This photo was taken in the evening, westward sun streaming into the dining room and reflecting off of the floor.

Good Man Likes Getting His “Red”

Good Man Having Fun

Alien Good Man

Happy With Our Sneaking Around

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  1. Wow! What a nice transformation! Your house is coming out so well. It helps to have a handy man, doesn’t it? ;) BTW, I love when you post your house project posts.

    • I have learned a *lot* from my dad being here, certainly! And he has saved us thousands of dollars!

      Alas, the pictures are nearly over. We did the trim after this, but that’s pretty boring. ;)

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