Hedera helix

One of the things I loved about this house was the ivy in the backyard. So charming! So romantic!

English Ivy

Now that we own (part of) the house, I know that we need to get rid of this ivy. It’s choking the huge catalpa tree in the backyard. It’s hiding treasures in the corners. And while ground cover you don’t need to mow is awesome, it harbors slugs, encourages mosquito breeding, and weakens the old trees.

So Good Man and I attacked the ivy today. We cut it off the trees, we pulled it off the ground. We also whacked down a lot of weedy growth along the fence. (Whose fence is it? We don’t know. The neighbor says as far as he knows, it’s original to the property.)

We’re nowhere near done. And the backyard is a total mess…


Ivy Attacks the Catalpa Tree


Ivy on the Outdoor Fireplace