Freezer Cooking Saves My Tailbone

When the school year started, I was supposed to be taking classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I also needed to learn a new grade (which usually means more time at school planning), and my commute was going to be longer.

Considering all of that, I decided to start freezing meals to enjoy on my class days, so we wouldn’t resort to eating out all of the time.

I used to do freezer meals in our old place, but we were stuck with a tiny freezer. A few weeks ago, we bought a five cubic foot chest freezer for the basement.

Thank goodness I had been freezing meals! When I fractured my tailbone and was in really, really bad shape, we used the freezer meals to pull us through. Banana pancakes for breakfast, Santa Fe casserole cups for lunch, and potato and parsnip soup for dinner.

I am slowly healing. I’m not going to classes any longer (since I can’t drive), and my students are doing most of the physical work in class (since I can’t easily bend, reach, stretch, etc). Still, teaching the kids wipes me out! I have come home every day from work for the past two weeks and napped for at least an hour. I wake up at six and am ready for bed at eleven. My body really needs the rest.

As such, we’ve been eating freezer meals several times each week. When I prepped the spicy pork for Chuseok, I made two extra packets for the freezer so I can take them out, defrost them, and throw them in the slow cooker. Last Sunday I made lentil stew in the slow cooker and froze the extras. Tonight we’re having slow-cooked chicken and mushrooms (I made the rice in the rice cooker). I’ll save two more servings for our lunch, but the rest is going in single-servings in the freezer.

After this unexpected fracture, I am now committed to freezer cooking. You never know when you—or a friend—might be unable to cook for a while!