Yard Work, Good Man Style

Here are some remaining photos from last week’s yard work.

Maple Tulip Poplar on Sunday 10/14/2012
(Thanks, Jonathan!)

Mess of Greenbrier

Thorns, Thorns, Thorns!

Hidden in the Ivy


We did some more work today. You can see the maple tulip poplar behind Good Man. The whole thing went yellow in six days.

Good Man Prepares to do Work

I got most of the ivy off of the fence…in some sections. I talked to the neighbor, who said three years ago he got all of the ivy off of his side, but nobody on our side ever ripped it off. Now that we both know we’re trying to get rid of it, maybe we’ll have a fighting chance. I’m going to just keep chipping away at it.

(In this picture, at the base of the tree, you can also see some flat stones. I’ll probably use those for landscaping, as well as the concrete, bricks, and big rocks I’m finding under all of the ivy.)

Almost Free

The greenbrier was nearly waist-high. The tube of thorny vines was several feet long (about eight). I started stepping on it to flatten it out a bit. Good Man had a better idea. He put cardboard on it, then crushed the greenbrier. Fold the greenbrier over and repeat…

Good Man vs Greenbrier

Jump! Jump!


Finally, I was able to carry the vines, in a much smaller mess, out to the curb for trash pickup.

Easy to Carry

Good Man also used the string trimmer to whack back a bunch of low branches. We left those on the ground. We’ll deal with them another day.


Good Man claims to hate yard work, but I think he’s lying!