Farmer Wife (Without Farming)

We woke up (late) to huge snowflakes. “Let’s go for a walk! It’s warm out!”

Good Man looked at me like I was crazy. “It’s snowing, it’s not warm.”

“Those are huge snowflakes, it’s nice out.” I opened the door and thrust my arm outside. Sure enough, great weather. It was 33 F. For a winter day, with that much moisture in the air, that’s perfect.

“How did you know it’s that warm out?”

I looked at him. “I grew up in Minnesota. I know the difference between big flakes and tiny flakes. These are also snowball fight flakes. They’ll stick together.”

“Oh my God. My wife is such a farmer.”

The snow soon turned to a light rain, and after our late breakfast, we headed out. Around the corner from our house is an undeveloped park. It butts up against private property, and the park’s property is not well marked), so when you’re in it, you don’t really know how big it is. At least one trail ends abruptly at a “Please Respect Your Neighbor’s Property” sign. We’re still exploring the park and today found a road. We now know another way to get back home because of that road.

We also found a Wildlife Area across from the park. I think that sign must actually be on private property. Quite the contrast to the NO TRESPASSING signs the neighbor across the street has.

Our walk was about an hour long, and my tailbone didn’t hurt afterwards. Fingers crossed about that. Now I just need to be careful to increase walking distance slowly so I don’t cause the PF I was suffering from for over a year to come back!

Near the Swimming Pool

Naturally Sepia Toned

High Stream
(Yes, that’s high for this stream.)


Good Man Being Very Korean

My Favorite Tree


Christmas Hike

Good Man and I went up to Mark’s Lover’s for a few days for Christmas. We enjoyed an easy-going visit. On Christmas Eve is started snowing very lightly, but on Christmas is was in the mid-40s and great hiking weather. We went for a 1 hour hike (about 3 miles) at Seneca Creek Park in the early afternoon. I didn’t have my camera, so these were taken with my iPod Touch.

Bit of Snow

Tree Stump

Good Man Leads the Way

Deer Carcass

After our hike, we saw Les Mis in the theaters. Les Mis was my first bitg “theater” experience. My mom and stepdad brought me to it when I was in seventh grade (ninth?) and I fell in love with the story. “Do You Hear the People Sing” gets me every time.

We all really liked it, and it was worth the three hours on my Tush Cush. (The same could be said of >Lincoln, which Good Man and I saw right before Thanksgiving.) I still can’t drive or sit on soft seats without the cushion. Hard seats are not a problem, which is contrary to what most people assume when they hear I fractured my tailbone.

Amazingly, my back doesn’t hurt at all today! The the last time Good Man and I went for a walk of about 40 minutes, my back ached for a week afterward, so it’s a sure sign that I’m healing. I do wonder if I’ll always need a cushion in movie theaters and the like, though.

Burda Draped Dress from December 2012 Issue

So I wanted to dress up a bit for Good Man’s (work) holiday party. I ran across the Burda Draped Dress pattern from the December 2012 issue and knew it would be perfect!

Burda Draped Dress

I managed to trace and adjust the pattern, make a muslin and readjust it, and sew the whole thing up in under two weeks. That’s a record for me, and I am really happy with how it turned out!

I bought some wool gabardine to use, but ended up using “aged” stash fabric. I used brown micosuede that I bought at Joann’s a million years ago. I didn’t have enough, so I used olive green for the facings and shortened the sleeve. I also made some fitting adjustments.

I really like this dress! I felt really comfortable in it when I wore it to Good Man’s holiday party, and I got a lot of compliments on it at Mark and his Lover’s party this weekend.

I highly recommend this dress pattern!

Mom Came for Visit

At the very end of October, right before Sandy hit, my mom came for a visit. We used the time to get a ton of yard work done. Slow-going yard work, since she has been dealing with back issues and my tailbone still hurt quite a bit!

My uncle wanted to see some photos of our yard to see how large it is. These were taken after most of the yard work was done, right before Sandy hit. (We did secure/remove all those loose planters and the like.)

Picnic Table View

Fireplace View

We did some fun stuff, like spruce up the front steps with some mums. But most of the time was spent doing Sandy-prep. We cleaned the gutters, took down widow makers that the neighbors were ignoring, limbed up and took down trees.

This Tool Was a Massive Fail

Mom Couldn’t Get it to Work Either
Mom Uses the Pole Trimmer to Scoot Siding into Place

A Limbed Up Tulip Poplar

This Tree is Holding Up the Fence

Widow Maker No More

The battle with the English Ivy continues. I’ve removed 385 gallons and made a dent on, oh, maybe 10% of the yard. Good Man had fun smooshing the ivy down for me.

Sure, I Can Step On This…

And Then Walk Away…

Because I Am…

Good Man

The most exciting work was taking down a bunch of trees. We whacked down a whole bunch of weed trees along the south fence, and then we looked at this Dr Seuss tree on the north side.

Pretty Leaves

Weird Tree

The tree had very few leaves on it on our side and was struggling for light. We asked the neighbors if they would care if we took it down since most of it was over their yard. They were delighted at the idea, and told us not to worry about the fence.

Where Should the Brick-Rope Go?

We had taken down a bunch of trees and large branches with the rope, so Good Man knew what to do.

Hold the Rope

And Pull

Unfortunately, the tree decided it was not going to obey, bound the chainsaw up, and went over the fence.


It wasn’t a big deal, though. Mom and Good Man went over to the neighbors’ side of the fence, chopped the large stuff up and dragged it to the street. The smaller stuff got thrown on our side of the fence.

Even with that tree going wonky, the backyard looked like a tree graveyard.

Tree Graveyard

Truth be told, the backyard is still a bit of a mess. We spent several weekend chopping up trees and branches, leaving an eight by four by three foot pile of brush for the crane truck each week. And gallons of ivy. And piles of leaves for the vacuum.

I finally gave up and dragged the remaining stuff to one side of the yard to rot. It’ll be good for the soil. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The End

Serene Good Man

The opening of a yoga video… “Blah blah blah, take breaks as you need them. Today we’re not only going to break a sweat. We’re also going to cultivate serenity, and–”

Good Man shouted, “Cut the bullshit!”

“Do you need some serenity?”

“I don’t even know what that means.”

For the rest of the video, every time the guy said “serenity,” I started giggling.

As the end of the video, while I had my eyes closed, I heard a thunk. I opened my eyes to find his yoga brick on top of mine. “You’re messing up my serenity,” I said.

“No, no. I threw the brick—with serenity—and it bounced off the printer and landed on your brick, which it only could have done because I just did so good at yoga.”