Christmas Hike

Good Man and I went up to Mark’s Lover’s for a few days for Christmas. We enjoyed an easy-going visit. On Christmas Eve is started snowing very lightly, but on Christmas is was in the mid-40s and great hiking weather. We went for a 1 hour hike (about 3 miles) at Seneca Creek Park in the early afternoon. I didn’t have my camera, so these were taken with my iPod Touch.

Bit of Snow

Tree Stump

Good Man Leads the Way

Deer Carcass

After our hike, we saw Les Mis in the theaters. Les Mis was my first bitg “theater” experience. My mom and stepdad brought me to it when I was in seventh grade (ninth?) and I fell in love with the story. “Do You Hear the People Sing” gets me every time.

We all really liked it, and it was worth the three hours on my Tush Cush. (The same could be said of >Lincoln, which Good Man and I saw right before Thanksgiving.) I still can’t drive or sit on soft seats without the cushion. Hard seats are not a problem, which is contrary to what most people assume when they hear I fractured my tailbone.

Amazingly, my back doesn’t hurt at all today! The the last time Good Man and I went for a walk of about 40 minutes, my back ached for a week afterward, so it’s a sure sign that I’m healing. I do wonder if I’ll always need a cushion in movie theaters and the like, though.