Farmer Wife (Without Farming)

We woke up (late) to huge snowflakes. “Let’s go for a walk! It’s warm out!”

Good Man looked at me like I was crazy. “It’s snowing, it’s not warm.”

“Those are huge snowflakes, it’s nice out.” I opened the door and thrust my arm outside. Sure enough, great weather. It was 33 F. For a winter day, with that much moisture in the air, that’s perfect.

“How did you know it’s that warm out?”

I looked at him. “I grew up in Minnesota. I know the difference between big flakes and tiny flakes. These are also snowball fight flakes. They’ll stick together.”

“Oh my God. My wife is such a farmer.”

The snow soon turned to a light rain, and after our late breakfast, we headed out. Around the corner from our house is an undeveloped park. It butts up against private property, and the park’s property is not well marked), so when you’re in it, you don’t really know how big it is. At least one trail ends abruptly at a “Please Respect Your Neighbor’s Property” sign. We’re still exploring the park and today found a road. We now know another way to get back home because of that road.

We also found a Wildlife Area across from the park. I think that sign must actually be on private property. Quite the contrast to the NO TRESPASSING signs the neighbor across the street has.

Our walk was about an hour long, and my tailbone didn’t hurt afterwards. Fingers crossed about that. Now I just need to be careful to increase walking distance slowly so I don’t cause the PF I was suffering from for over a year to come back!

Near the Swimming Pool

Naturally Sepia Toned

High Stream
(Yes, that’s high for this stream.)


Good Man Being Very Korean

My Favorite Tree