Flu Flying Through

The flu is tearing through our school, leaving half-empty classrooms in its wake.

Our first Friday back, I felt perfectly fine, but Saturday I was sick as a dog. I called my doctor Monday, and described my symptoms, as well as the fact that I had gotten the flu shot.

She listened and said, “Yep, sounds like the flu. You can come in and get swabbed to be sure, but your fever broke, and it’s too late for Tamiflu, so there isn’t a whole lot I can do. Rest and drink plenty of fluids.”

I finally made it back to school, exhausted. I am hoping I didn’t pass it on to my intern, who isn’t allowed sick days.

Now, every morning and afternoon, as my kids file in and out, I feel their foreheads. I send them to the nurse, and the office staff begs their parents to keep them at home.

The ones who remain use Clorox wipes at the end of each day to wipe down their desks, the knobs, and the water fountain.

How many more weeks left in the flu season?

3 thoughts on “Flu Flying Through

  1. The flu season is ending (at least in the U.S. : http://www.google.org/flutrends/us/#1014895). Apparently, this year was particularly bad.

    For next year, I suggest getting a humidifier and keeping your classroom at about 55% humidity. Apparently, above 50% humidity the flu virus cannot stay in the air very long (it gets stuck in water droplets), but above 60% you start having mildew problems.

    • I wonder if we’re allowed to bring in humidifiers? I should check. (We aren’t allowed to bring in a whole host of things. Space heaters, fans, etc.)

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