Good Man, Mark and I went to the Inauguration again this year. I charged my battery and then…left my camera on all night.

That sort of ended up being how our day went.

We got stuck behind the broken Jumbotron, so even though we should have been able to see (or at least hear!), we got neither.

Broken Jumbotron

But Mark and I did practice our Presidential Chin Jut.

Obama Style

The people watching was fun, of course. Out of frame, someone was selling Obama and Romney condoms. We didn’t see the naked painted lady, though.

People Watching

And we weren’t the only ones taking photos of the Starbucks pile!

United States of Starbucks

Almost ten miles of walking later, we finally arrived back at Mark’s house, where we streamed the President’s speech to see what we missed.

So it wasn’t quite the experience we had on 2009, but I’m still glad I went.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration

  1. The coffee cups! Oh the coffee cups! When my then-boyfriend and I attended the Rally to Restore Sanity we were able to snag a garbage bag, so we picked up a lot of those coffee cups and took them to the Starbucks near Archives for them to recycle. They told us they didn’t recycle cups and we threw them away in a nearby can.

    We tried, but it was frustrating.

    Sorry your view was sucky :(

    • Yeah, well, what can you do about the view? At least we saw it in 2009. And it was cool to be able to compare the two inaugurations.

      I was impressed that people were keeping the cups in one area, at least! Of course, with the rules about what’s allowed on large parts of the Mall during the inauguration, it’s not surprising there is trash–water bottles are OK, but not Thermoses, for example. No backpacks, too.

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