Jack is Getting Bolder

A few days ago, over breakfast, Good Man yelped. Jack had clawed his way up Good Man’s chair. Then he read Money magazine for a while.

Reading Together

He climbed on the table.

Testing the Waters

Then he lay on the table. I left him long enough to take this photo, then put him on the floor!

Short-Lived Success

4 thoughts on “Jack is Getting Bolder

  1. I’m so happy to see that Jack is adjusting and that you guys were willing to adopt an older cat!

    • He is such a great cat for us, and the perfect first pet for Good Man. I’m glad we adopted him, in spite of everyone else telling us it was a bad idea since he’s so old!

      You can tell he was well-socialized by his first owner (he was turned in by his second, as far as we know), too. A few days ago a coworker came over because she helped me transport a large piece of furniture. She asked to see Jack. Good Man put Jack in front of her and he simply jutted his chin out, waiting for a scratch. She picked him up and he just curled into her and started purring. Ahhhh, Jack, such a calm cat!

    • Mother says she won’t come visit while he lives here, because cats scare her, but I think he’ll win her over. ;)

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