Steady March: The Closet

Remarkable! Behold the steady march of progress toward no discernible endpoint that is home improvement!

—Mark, in an email

After all of the work we did on the house this summer, I just wanted (needed?) to take a break. But the last few weekends and evenings, I’ve been all, “let’s get it done!” Fortunately, the huge stuff is done. Unfortunately, that means the stuff we’ve done seems really minor.

The hall closet doors were driving me crazy because they kept sticking in their tracks. So in a fit of anger, I demanded we remove them.

Good Man Is Very Patient

I don’t even want to know what that gunky brown stuff is.


I pulled up the track and found…termites? I don’t know, but they were all dead.

Really Eww

The floor track was easy to remove. The ceiling track, though, was another story. No matter how we tried to get the screws out, they were holding fast. Good Man ended up bending back the track as much as possible (quality metal, so not much!) and used pliers to remove each screw (five of them), about ten degrees at a time.

I am pretty sure he hated me at this point.

I Bet That’s Lead Paint

Two hours later (yes, you read that correctly), the track was gone!

Of course, removing the track meant removing some paint. It also exposed the unfinished floor. Those will be dealt with this summer. (And I am glad we didn’t refinish the closet floor, because if we had, we would have one weird strip!)

We found a tension rod and a curtain. I wanted a plain, draw-no-attention-to-it curtain. Good Man wanted this blue curtain (which is not photographing well). I said, “It won’t match anything in our house.”

“Have you seen our house? How many colors do we have on the walls? Four? Five?”

“Six, if you count the trim.”

I obviously need to iron the curtain, but I have to admit…I like the massive pop of color when we come downstairs and turn the corner. We turned the curtain around so the flowers are closer to the ground. I wish I could get a good picture of the color of it. The flower embroidery is a very pale cream, not yellow.

We’ll Paint That Later

Take Note of That Thermostat (It Will Appear in a Future Post)

An Unfinished Floor

But the closet excitement isn’t over! Ohhhh, no.

Do you remember this ugly closet rod?

Original Closet Rod

It was one of the first things I removed in the house. Back in August or September, I bought a rod and brackets. Then I lost the brackets, because that’s how I work. It didn’t matter though, since it was so warm.

Then, we got a massive cold snap, and I got tired of dropping our coats on the office floor. So a week after we removed the doors, I sawed the rod down to size, sanded it to final size and—look! I can hang up my coat! Right now it has three coats on it, and it’s still holding! I need to invite friends over so I can share the glory of the closet rod.


The closet is not done. I need to fix the ceiling, paint, refinish the floors…but that can wait. The next step is to move the cat box in there, but we need to move it only a few inches a day, so it will take a week or so to get that done. By then, I will have mounted a broom and mop rack in the basement so we can remove those from the closet, too.