Steady March: Korean Cabinet

The Steady March of Home Improvement continues in our dining room.

Our house is a typical Cape Cod, with two bedrooms on the first floor. One was converted to a dining room. The chandelier and chair rail are very dining room-esque. The closet? Not so much.

I wanted to get a China hutch or something similar to put into the closet. I browsed around online shops and we looked at IKEA. Traditional China hutches were too expensive, too large, and too…traditional. IKEA had some options, but they were too expensive and too…IKEA. (IKEA lovers, relax, IKEA will appear soon enough.)

So I turned to Craigslist, where I found this cabinet. It was advertised as Korean, and looks similar to things I saw in Korea… but there is certainly no maker’s mark on it, so I take the label with a grain of salt.



The cabinet has solid shelves on the top half, and slatted shelves on the bottom half, but long drawers dividing them. It’s six feet two, and about two feet wide and deep.

I took all the drawers and lower doors out, cleaned it up, and put Old English Scratch Cover on it. Good Man and I also replaced the tassel on the brass pin. No, I don’t know why the green strands are longer.

Old Tassel

New Tassel

Lotus Blossoms?

I put our wedding geese on it, and might put my wedding shoes on the very top. I am strongly considering putting the whole set of Korean dishes in it. Right now, it’s empty.

I really like how it looks in the dining room and am glad we didn’t go with anything from IKEA!

Korean Cabinet, Without Flash

Korean Cabinet, With Flash