Baby Blanket

One of my friends is pregnant, so I made this baby blanket for her. It turned out so, so pretty!

She’s having a boy, and the nursery is sort of a jungle theme, so I went with this dinosaur fabric. Dinosaurs, jungle, that works. For the flannel backing, I used pale brown, green, dark brown, and blue.

Cutting it was hard. At one point, the chenille cutter slipped and I took out a crescent shaped piece of the blanket along the edge.


I ended up zig-zagging over the cut, and then went and bought a wider bias tape. I was planning on using brown bias tape, but I had to go with black because they didn’t have wide, brown bias tape. In the end, I’m happy with how the black bias tape frames the quilt.

This is how it looked before I washed it.


Dinosaur Detail

I made the blanket a little over a yard wide. I figured this was a good size for tummy time and that baby cage people use when they’re traveling. Yes, that “baby cage.”

Pre-Washed Size

I preshrank everything, but when I washed the blanket, the hand of it changed. It was really thick, but after being cut it turned softer and looser (which isn’t a surprise).

The strange thing, to me, is that the fabric started rippling. I wonder if I sewed it with a bit of tension? I am not sure. But that’s OK. It sort of reminds me of water.

Rippling Blanket

I don’t know what the random green worm is in the middle of the blanket. You can also see where the flannel doubled over on itself.

Green Worm

Doubled Fabric

I actually had the mother over for dinner Saturday night, and I finished this after she left. The baby shower was today, so I cut it very close! Luckily, the blanket was a hit!

This blanket was very time-consuming to make, but I’m glad I learned this technique. It made such a pretty project!