Steady March: This and That

Good Man and I have been getting some random things done around the house (and are in the middle of a massive—to us—tub issue, actually).

The kitchen hasn’t been painted yet. The previous owner was…lazy.


He didn’t remove this phone jack when he painted. We don’t need it, but if we remove it, you’ll see multiple paint colors.

Ugly Phone Jack

We have been dumping our lunches, my purse, etc all around the kitchen. So we picked up a rack and covered the phone jack. Now the kitchen is cleaner and the jack is covered until we can paint it.

Landing Strip

The kitchen has wired under-cabinet lighting. One of the bulbs burnt out, but it didn’t bother us until a second bulb burnt out. And that’s when I discovered that every other bulb was out.


I don’t know how we hadn’t noticed that.

I figured the previous owner was just saving money, since the bulbs are a bit pricey. So I went to Ace, picked up new bulbs, and installed them.

One of the lights (there are seven bulbs over four lights total) doesn’t close/seat properly, so you can’t use the on/off switch. Annoying.

But that was minor compared to the single socket that did this to the halogen bulb.

That Can’t Be Good

We decided to leave that socket empty!

Moving from the kitchen, we put a gripper rack at the top of the basement stairs. It’s such a simple thing, but it is so nice to have a place to store our mops and brooms that is out of the way.

Easy to Reach


Finally, something is popping up around the yard. We just aren’t sure what yet. Crocuses and daffodils? Wild onions?

Something’s Growing

Any Idea?