Maybe We Do Need Another Bathroom…

The caulking on the tub was gross when we moved in. There was a huge crack along the bottom of the cenenter panel on the tub surround, and it was splitting along one of the vertical seams, too. We knew we’d have to recaulk the tub and planned to do so in September.

And then I fractured my tailbone.

So it got put off.

But we knew we needed to fix it sooner than later because water was getting behind the surround.

Finally, last week I decided that it was time to caulk the tub since it was a long weekend.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday, and I had a baby shower to attend on Sunday. So I started scraping the caulk off on Sunday, expecting to be able to caulk it Monday.

That…is not what happened.

The caulk was extremely difficult to remove. The tub surround is not level on any axis. And why did the previous owner make such a wide line of caulk…oh, because he was hiding a bunch of minor, hairline cracks. Oooh, and now that whole center panel is coming loose, and there appears to be mildew behind the surround (luckily, not much!).


What should have been a rather short job turned into scraping the caulk, stop drilling the minor cracks, spraying an anti-mold agent behind the center panel, re-gluing the center panel into place, squeezing a tiny amount of adhesive into the stop drill holes, and finally, recaulking the tub.

And of course, every step needed drying time or curing time, so we were without a shower for nearly a week. (Thank goodness for friends who let us use their showers, and a working utility sink in the basement!)

While I was fixing it, Good Man teased me, calling me anti-Midas and Pandora. But when he tried to make the caulk look better, and made it a lot worse, he finally admitted that I was a good “handywoman.”

So the caulk job? It’s ugly. No doubt about it. I choose to put some of the blame on the tub surround. But that’s OK! It is watertight! (And yes, we’ll see how long this lasts…)

Aesthetics: 0. Function: 1.

I will put that in the win column right now.

I get annoyed by the unexpected problems that pop up with this house, but I do realize that they could be a lot, lot worse! And I feel like I’m getting pretty good at figuring out how to solve the problems, too, which is increasing my confidence.

It also increases my respect for people who work in the trades, while at the same time making me realize that my previous landlords were even lazier than I thought!