Mile-a-Minute Baby Blanket

Another coworker is pregnant, so I made her a baby blanket. This one was much simpler than the chenille one that I made.

I cut alternating fabric into strips and sewed it up ABAB, etc. Then I cut the fabric into vertical strips and turned every other strip upside down. I sewed those together and bound the blanket using bias tape.

Good Man chose the fabric. “Cats and dogs! Together! It is perfect!” I originally had red backing fabric, to match the bow in the cat’s collar, but it went pink when I prewashed it, so I used blue instead. I used one layer of cotton batting and then sewed just a few vertical lines in the quilt to keep the batting from shifting.

Mile-a-Minute Blanket

Front and Back

The blanket is a little long, but my coworker really liked it. One nice thing about making blankets is that they can be a whole lot of different sizes!