Wildcat Mountain Hike

Yesterday Good Man and I went somewhere new for a hike. We went to Wildcat Mountain, which I thought was far away since we passed through two counties to get to it. However, it ended up being only five minutes farther than Riverbend, which is in the same county that we’re in!

The hike started with a half mile of switchbacks and wow, we need to start going out west more to get some more incline practice. Once we made it to the top, the path mostly flat.

Not Quite Winter

But Barely Spring

Eventually, you reach two small home sites and a stream that is either human-made or human-directed. I’m not sure what the bricks/stones were near the top of the stream. A well? Old foundation?

Near the Stream

Very Green Pond

Twist in the Tree

The home sites were interesting, and I wondered if the second site (the stone one) was actually intended to be a house since it had no windows and very low ceilings. I thought it might be a cellar or something like that instead.

Wildcat Mountain Home Site



Broken Windows


Second Home Site

Wooden Latch

Under the stairs, I found this. The beginning of a new nest? An abandoned one? While we were there, no insects appeared.


Apparently there are wild turkeys in the area, and we could hear them but couldn’t see them. I really wanted to see a wild turkey!

We stopped for lunch near the end of the hike. Because the trees were still bare, we had a tiny bit of a view (mountains to one side, and farms to the other), but this hike wasn’t really a hike for views. It was a hike for the hand-built stone wall and homes.

In the dead of summer, I think this would be a great place to go to cool off since there are so many trees.

Near the Picnic Site

Stone Wall

While we were there, a runner passed up three times in the opposite direction. While we were eating, we chatted with two people who walked by with a clipboard and a road-measuring wheel. They were working on a guidebook for the PATC and said that the runner told them he was up there most weekends, and he’d been there since seven. It was noon when they told us this.

Good Man and I made it back to our car, passing several couples and families on the way up. We had read that it wasn’t a busy trail, it was pretty busy!

I liked the hike and expect to visit again this summer.