Spring Flowers

It turned really hot last week, and the aircon was out at work. Teaching reading in a 94 F room? Yeah, not so successful.

A few days ago we finally got some rain, and the next day our yard exploded. Perhaps (regular commenter) Jonathan knows what some of these plants are?

I know violets are considered a weed, but I find them much less obnoxious than the ivy growing in our yard and happily welcome them in our yard.

Wild Violets

Confederate Violets (?)

I thought we had onion grass growing, but then these translucent white flowers appeared. They are so pretty!

White Flowers

I thought we would get a lot of daffodils (or something!) from the early bulbs that sprang out of the ground several months ago, but we got exactly one flower from them.

The rest of the stands are flowerless. I know our house was put up for sale in late March of last year. They mowed the lawn for the photos, and I think they might have “blinded” the bulbs for this year. I’ll see what happens next year, since I haven’t mowed them down yet.

Single Flower


When Mom came for a visit, she bought us a very Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree-like Japanese Maple. We planted it behind the big rock in our front yard.

Good Man and I also bought a two-in-one Asian pear tree and planted it in the backyard.

Trees are definitely an exercise in patience. I was afraid neither had survived our whacky winder, but then we got a spell of hot weather and some rain!


Japanese Maple

Asian Pear Tree

The established trees are also starting to bloom.


Dogwood Flowers

Storm Coming Up