Steady March: Spring Chores

When we toured our house, one of the planks on the steps was a little jiggly. Over time, it became loose, and a few days ago I tripped over it and it came off entirely.

I had images of getting sued or breaking my ankle, so we continued the Steady March this weekend with some minor work outside.

The wood supports on the steps had cracked. We secured them with a little glue and then used 3″ deck screws to secure the step again. The previous owner used 1 1/2″ screws. The steps are an inch thick. They make “deck screws” for a reason…

Missing Step



Good Man worked on cutting some ivy and clearing some drains while I worked on digging things out.

In our driveway, there was a large hunk of concrete with Air Jordan in it. It was about three feet by a foot and a half. Mom said I wouldn’t be able to get it out without using a sledgehammer, but she didn’t realize how thin the chunk was. I removed some smaller pieces (you can see the space they occupied) and then used the shovel to dig the large piece out.

The yellow spray paint marks the gas line, and Good Man was terrified I’d hit it, but I knew it wasn’t that close to the surface and everything worked out fine.

Air Jordan


Ready for the Trash

In the front yard we had several large pieces of slate. They didn’t start anywhere or go anywhere, so I removed them. Below you only see half of the slate. I found several more pieces that were completely overgrown and took those out, too. I put them all in the backyard until I decide what to do with them.

Overgrown Slate

Freeing the Slate