Why Take the Class?

I recently finished taking a sewing class at G Street Fabrics. I loved the class (a pants drafting class) and really like the teacher, but the people in the class…my God.

The class was six weeks long and every single week, at least one person was unprepared. Usually, it was all but two who were unprepared (the class ranged in size from six to nine people each week).

So what, right? As long as I was prepared, who cares?

Well, it caused me to lose out on the class. During one of the earliest classes, a woman was so unprepared that the rest of us had to wait twenty minutes to get started.

Toward the middle, two of us spent an entire class period watching our instructor fit people. The previous week she had spent half of the class sitting around, waiting for people to finish their work. Had people been prepared, the second fitting class I could have gotten a fitting rather than sitting around. I did learn some things from the class, but it was still frustrating.

During the last class, one of the women ended up getting into a verbal confrontation with our instructor because she hadn’t listened and had messed up. She tried blaming the instructor, and even claimed she was prepared for every class. That was not at all true. She once showed up with none of her materials. None. Not even her measurements. The rest of us just stood there, uncomfortably looking at each other.

I did meet another woman in the class who seems awesome. (She was the other one who had to sit there doing nothing during one class.) We will be spending more time together and will help fit each other. I also left the class with a great fitting pants muslin, so it was worth it.

Still, I don’t get grown-ups. It’s one thing if my students don’t do their homework, but you’re an adult! Why take the class if you’re not actually going to do any of the work?