The Hassles of Living on a Popular Street

So this takes the cake for misdelivered mail….

We live on a street with a very common American street name. When we bought this place, the survey company actually tried to survey our address on Common American Avenue instead of Street. And since that property is much larger, they almost overcharged us quite a bit of money.

We’ve had problems with our mail ever since we moved in. One neighbor’s surname is surprisingly close to mine, so I always get his mail. Some kid nine doors down? We get his magazines. A few weeks ago, we a package from a doctor’s office intended for a neighbor three blocks down. I’ve talked to every mailman about it, but nothing changes. So I’m not surprised to get the wrong mail, but…

Last week, we got a letter in the mail from our exact address, except the city was West Des Moines, Iowa. Enclosed was my $20 gift card from Angie’s List (headquartered in Indianapolis) and a handwritten note on the Angie’s List form letter:

Your name + street address showed through the envelope window, but not the city and state. So we rec’d it instead–thus we’re forwarding to you.
Regards from Iowa.

I might just send them a postcard back, thanking them for forwarding my mail all the way from Iowa!