Rock Star Good Man

One of the things I didn’t miss when I was teaching third grade was the end-of-the-year crunch that comes with teaching the graduating grade in a school. We don’t have to make class lists, but we have to vertically plan with the next school, plan graduation, tour the middle school, throw a massive party, etc. The students are feeling rather cocky about being done with elementary school and yet are nervous about middle school, but trying to hide it by acting cool.

Throw in the school-wide assemblies, public library visits, band concerts, field day, specials ending, and other teachers throwing in the towel and showing movies all day and giving students dot-to-dots as schoolwork (in fifth grade? You must be kidding me) and it’s really hard to keep any sort of routines for the students.

Still, I tried. We did some great math lessons based on Guinness Book of World Records and the students got to compete for class records. We did some language games that the students enjoyed and reflected on our year. And when they were just so squirrely they couldn’t deal with it, the students helped me clean and pack up the room.

Today we had our big class party and I asked Good Man to show up for some of it so he could help me bring boxes home after school.

I met him in the office just as two of my former students were coming down the stairs. “Hey, Mr!”

A few minutes later we passed my entire class in the hallway. The fourth grade teacher started waving her hands excitedly, “We saw Mr! We saw Mr!”

The whole class waved, “Hello Mr! Hello!”

Good Man just laughed and shook his head. “You’re a rock star!” I said.