Stashbusting Failure

So I claimed that I would sew six projects from stash. I made one dress and then found a fabric I couldn’t skip over because it reminded me of dating Good Man. (Side: I was happy to get every last bit of that fabric because another woman in my sewing class was interested in it. She was never prepared, was very annoying, and once claimed that “most prostitutes have a really great life. I am glad I bought all of the fabric before she could. Petty? Sure.)

So I started over. I would sew seven items from stash before buying more fabric!

Well, I made two more items (the dress and a pair of boxers). And then, with three Living Social deals burning a hole in my pocket, I went and bought more fabric.

It all started on the $2.97/yard table, which must have been recently restocked, because it wasn’t picked over. I then moved to the silk section, and finally ended up with some African print cotton.

Forty-six and five-eighths yards later…

So now my plan for the summer is two sew down half the yardage I bought. My goal is a nice, round 24 yards. We’ll see if I can do this!