Stashbusting: Containters

I didn’t intend to sew various containers with the same fabrics, but I did, making a nice set and using up 3 yards of fabric. (Only 21 yards left to reach my goal!)

First, I made a messenger bag for Good Man. I used navy cotton duck leftover from Dad’s jeans quilt. I lined it with some bright neon green circuit fabric. I thought I’d make boxers from the fabric, but it didn’t soften up much when washed.


This is pattern S2358. It is an OK pattern but ended up sort of floppy. I changed the pattern a bit, adding rings instead of sewing the webbing on directly.



I also bad a trash bag using the same fabric as well as an old vinyl bag that once held sheets.

Trash Bag

Finally, I made a (very large) lunch bag for Good Man. It is huge but easily holds a Mr or Ms Bento and closes with an elastic loop and button. I like that the contents will be hidden!

Lunch Bag

Large Bag