Kiwi Crate Crafting

So before we went to Minnesota, I found something called Kiwi Crate. It’s a monthly subscription of crafts related to one theme and done with an educational slant. Educational and crafty? That’s right up my alley.

Since Good Man and I have sort of been slacking on our auntie-uncle duties, I decided to order the summer series so my niece and nephew could have something fun to do over the summer on rainy days.

My sister-in-law held the box until we got there, and we were able to do one of the crafts with the kids. We tried to steer them toward the same craft, but they were having none of it. Niece worked with me on a lantern (complete with an electric tea light!) and Nephew made the collection box with Good Man.

We were really impressed by the quality of the materials and the kid-friendly instructions and the kids loved their crafts!

With Uncle Good Man

Collection Box


Leading the Way

When they were done, we went outside and they found things for the collection box together. There was a brief scare where Niece lost her tea light (because she was running around like Paul Revere) but she found it again on the gravel driveway. I was surprised (and relieved) as how quickly she was able to find the tea light, because if we’d lost it in the grass…

Nephew fell asleep with the collection box (filled with treasures) on his nightstand and Niece fell asleep with her lantern (on) next to her head.

We ordered the kit with the sibling add-on and got duplicates of all materials, which meant each child could do each craft entirely. The kits were a hit, and we’ll probably continue to order them as long as the kids are interested in them.

Each month you get 2-3 crafts with all materials (the first crate in a subscription even comes with scissors) right down to the crayons and tape. The box includes additional “learn more” ideas crafts, and the whole box is packaged in a very environmentally-friendly way. The box ended up becoming the background to play with the puppets which were printed on the back of the “This Month’s Crafts” pages. The kids played with the puppets later and loved them.

I’d never heard of Kiwi Crate before finding the site, but I’m glad we tried it! The kits are aimed at 3-7 year olds and they certainly entertained the kids. If you use my referral link, you and I will both get $10 off an order.