Jack’s Adoption Anniversary

There is Nothing White on my Fangs

I Didn’t Do It

It Wasn’t Me

A year ago today, we adopted Black Jack (né Trouble). I think Good Man would agree that our life is richer with this kooky geriatric cat around.

I’m So Handsome

Don’t You Agree?

And Now I’m Bored

Ahhhh, life with a cat…

Shenandoah National Park Hiking

Last month, before the shut down and near my birthday, Good Man and I went hiking at Shenandoah National Park. Most traces of the previous families who lived on the land was erased when the park was formed, but there are some signs that indicate the park was not all wild land. We focused on that area near the northern entrance to the park.

Rock Wall


Infant’s Grave

At a different location there was an old barn in remarkably good condition, along with a cellar.



From the Inside

Hiking on an Early Sunday Morning

View of the Valley

Snead Farw?

Ready to Go Home


Flitting off in Shenandoah

Drinking for Men and Women

So Good Man and I bought some tea. On the left we have corn silk tea, and on the right, raisin tea.

The corn silk tea also says “V-line face,” meaning it will make your face into an attractive V shape. This is never translated into English. And one of the ingredients is “etc.”

The Korean on the raisin tea is translated into English. As you can see, “it’s for men” and great as a hangover cure.

Gendered Tea

Get Slim. Get Sober.