Flooded Basement

Last weekend it rained for several days. It wasn’t a terribly heavy rain, just consistent.

On Saturday, Good Man went to the basement to get something. “Uh oh.”

I knew immediately what had happened but hoped it was something else. “What, honey?”

“Just…come here.”

Oh yay. Our first flooded basement. Turns out we forgot to check the drain for leaf debris. I have done that during every other storm and the basement has stayed bone dry.

So we spent the weekend cleaning after buying a small pump to help clear it. Luckily, most of our really valuable stuff was on the other side of the basement, so we didn’t lose much. And frankly, we’ve been living here for a year, so the basement should have been unpacked a long, long time ago.

While cleaning, we found a dead snake. I think it slithered into the packing tape and died. Oof, poor snake.

Flooded Floor

Taped Snake

Well, This Needs Unpacking