Silk Pants and Panne Velvet Top

What’s that? Why is it blue?


It’s silk! Glorious silk!

I made a promise to myself that I’d sew silk before the end of the year, and I finally did, in the form of pants. I made the same pajama-style Burda pants because I knew the pattern.

I also made a Burda top from Burda Plus, pattern 02-2013-401. I made the top a size too large and ended up hacking up my pattern to size it down. I resewed it with new fabric.

Of course, I was sewing on a deadline (Mark and his Lover’s Christmas party) and I sewed both of these in a week. I was finishing up the hems hours before the party.

I used stash silk and stash panne velvet. I used the wrong side of the silk because the right side was too shiny and it cheapened the look to me.

I’m really pleased with how this outfit turned out!

Christmas Party Front


Hand Hemmed

Right Side vs Wrong Side Shine

Hand Hemmed