4 thoughts on “Ice Storm

  1. These are great! Love the contrast between the green leaves and the ice! The weather service is predicting snow flurries for us next week, and this means that the whole city will shut down! I am hoping that enough sticks so that I am able to go out and get some photos.

    • I used a point and shoot for these (Canon G15) and was rather pleased with the quality. (Of course, the Canon has more megapixels than my DSLR! These were shot JPG, but the Canon does have RAW capabilities.)

  2. Wow. These are beautiful photos. I don’t even know what an ice storm is (being a Californian) but my god, these pictures make me want to experience one.

    • I wonder if they get them in the mountains?

      An ice storm is basically when you get freezing rain. It rains and then freezes, glazing everything in ice. They’re very pretty, but they also weigh down trees and power lines and making walking and driving really hazardous!

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