1962 Royal FP Typewriter

Before the snow and ice storm, Good Man and I went for a walk. On the way back to our house, we found a typewriter on the neighbor’s curb.

The neighbor was smoking a cigarette on his stoop. “Taking a walk before the snow?”

“Yep. Can I take this typewriter?”

He chuckled. “If it’s on the curb, it’s free for the taking!”

The typewriter was already covered in some snow, so I put it down on a towel on the kitchen floor. Good Man sputtered. “Are you really going to use that?”

“Yeah, this is cool.”

“You are such a hipster!”

I narrowed my eyes. “What are you talking about? I wear glasses because I actually need them, not ironically. I’m not a hipster.”

“You are hipster, Analog Wife. Embrace yourself!”

That night, I figured out how to use the typewriter, after a lot of researching. I figured out every lever and how to adjust the margins (that was the hard part). Then I needed to figure out how to clean it.

I found a great website and gathered my supplies for the next day.

The next day the ice storm had hit hard and heavy and our power was out. It was 56 degrees in our house, which I only knew because we have the original thermostat in our house (no longer hooked up) and it still tells the temperature.

Well, at least I had hot water and something to do with myself. I got to work cleaning up the typewriter. About midway through, I went and got some ink to reink the ribbon. By the time I got home, the power was back on.

Before Cleaning

How to Load the Ribbon

Let’s Take a Bath!

I popped off every nicotine-stained key and used a toothbrush and some denatured alcohol to start cleaning. While the keys were soaking, I reinked the ribbon.


Stuck-On Dust



Contact Cement

One of the keys kept popping off. When I examined it, I noticed that the slot that held the key on was wider than the other keys. I jammed a small piece of paper towel in there and it stayed on. (Interestingly, the contact cemented key stayed on with no problems.)

Loose Key

Removing the Platen

After cleaning, I tested everything. It worked! But my typing was really uneven, and I kept skipping stitches. I just needed some practice typing on a manual typewriter.

I called Good Man over and he tried the typewriter. When he got to the end of the row, he said, “I don’t know how to get it back!”

I pointed to the return and he gleefully kept typing.

First Time Using a Manual Typewriter

Ready to Go

No Nicotine Stains


1962 FP


Original Owners?

Shiny and Clean

Flooded Basement

Last weekend it rained for several days. It wasn’t a terribly heavy rain, just consistent.

On Saturday, Good Man went to the basement to get something. “Uh oh.”

I knew immediately what had happened but hoped it was something else. “What, honey?”

“Just…come here.”

Oh yay. Our first flooded basement. Turns out we forgot to check the drain for leaf debris. I have done that during every other storm and the basement has stayed bone dry.

So we spent the weekend cleaning after buying a small pump to help clear it. Luckily, most of our really valuable stuff was on the other side of the basement, so we didn’t lose much. And frankly, we’ve been living here for a year, so the basement should have been unpacked a long, long time ago.

While cleaning, we found a dead snake. I think it slithered into the packing tape and died. Oof, poor snake.

Flooded Floor

Taped Snake

Well, This Needs Unpacking

Jack’s Adoption Anniversary

There is Nothing White on my Fangs

I Didn’t Do It

It Wasn’t Me

A year ago today, we adopted Black Jack (né Trouble). I think Good Man would agree that our life is richer with this kooky geriatric cat around.

I’m So Handsome

Don’t You Agree?

And Now I’m Bored

Ahhhh, life with a cat…

Shenandoah National Park Hiking

Last month, before the shut down and near my birthday, Good Man and I went hiking at Shenandoah National Park. Most traces of the previous families who lived on the land was erased when the park was formed, but there are some signs that indicate the park was not all wild land. We focused on that area near the northern entrance to the park.

Rock Wall


Infant’s Grave

At a different location there was an old barn in remarkably good condition, along with a cellar.



From the Inside

Hiking on an Early Sunday Morning

View of the Valley

Snead Farw?

Ready to Go Home


Flitting off in Shenandoah

Happy Bee

Went for a walk yesterday. As we walked past our neighbor’s house, I saw this bee digging around in the sunflowers. The bee was still there when we returned, so I grabbed my camera and took some photos. I like how this little gal is just covered in pollen.

Assateague National Seashore and Ocean City Sunrise

On Sunday, Mark’s Lover, a friend of his, and I went to Ocean City to watch the sunrise on the beach. Unfortunately, it was more a sky lightening than a sunrise, but it was still nice to watch.

Sunrise in Ocean City

At the Shore


Final Minutes

I dropped off Mark’s Lover and his friend and then headed to Assateague by myself to take some early morning photos. I played around with my new camera’s HDR setting. I thought maybe that would help me learn to like it.

Nope. Still dislike HDR.

Without HDR

With HDR

At the North Beach several people were stand-up paddle boarding, which made for some interesting pictures.

Coming In



In the Distance


Getting there early enough to see the animals was another benefit of waking up early, even though I was tired.

Skittering Along

With the Waves


Surveying the Scene


I went to the clam digging spot and found some wild horses off of the road.

Clam Digging Site

Assateague Ponies

More HDR. Still Don’t Like It.

I then did the short hike along the Life of the Dunes trail. It was hard because of the sand. It was also starting to get hotter, but the trail was deserted and interesting. Along the trail was bits and pieces of an old road, which was taken out by a storm in the early 60s. According to the interpretive sign, the storm basically took out the community living on the shore and that was the basis for founding the National Shore.

Life of the Dunes Trail

Road to Nowhere

Assateague National Seashore

Good Man, Mark, Mark’s Lover and I all went to Assateague National Seashore this weekend. The weather was perfect, and really sunny (I wore sunscreen and am still sunburnt). It was a first visit for each of us.

We arrived late Friday night (traffic was terrible) and spent Saturday walking along the shore.

Crossing the Bay Bridge


Along the Shore



His Turf


We had lunch at a Tex-Mex restaurant and there was a rather large spider hanging out near us.

Close Up


Hanging Out


Good Man Appears to Be Planning Something